Camilla is a trusted advocate and tenacious negotiator across
fashion and entertainment.
She safeguards clients’ business interests – both in-the-moment and long-term.

She has a keen eye for creativity, understands the bigger picture and
instinctively recognises the process.
She quantifies and maximises brand worth – all with ingenuity and integrity.


She manages the administrative and operational aspects of a career.
Constructs deals, handling negotiations and contractual commitments.
Ensuring that everything runs smoothly.


Here to advise, coach and support.
Which projects to pursue, how to handle public relations, how to market more effectively, and how to navigate industry complexities.
Setting goals, planning, identifying – and capitalising – commercial and creative opportunities.


Working within the framework of Production, Celebrity Management and Brand Strategy, Camilla has been in the fashion industry for over 30 years.
Camilla has worked on many complex photographic shoots and has a deep understanding of the multiple layers and manifold creative needs that go into creating a successful production.
Camilla has worked closely with many A’list celebrities on brand and business strategy and has managed a variety of high level special projects.

Polly started her career in production and soon realised her strength is in the detail and logistics.
She maintains a measured demeanour under pressure and solves problems fast.
With complete discretion and sensitivity, she provides support on both business and personal matters.
Polly is often complimented on her work ethic and professionalism.